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The first step in tree care is actually caring about them.
Our Services
Since the first tree set its roots billions of years ago they have evolved and adapted to grow in forested environments where nutrients are abundant and stress is limited.  So naturally they have a hard time acclimating to our urban environments and the stresses we put on them. We understand trees and we know exactly what they need to thrive and succeed in an urban setting.
  1. Tree Removal
    Tree Removal
    All trees have a natural lifespan and eventually will become too old or unsafe to be kept on your property. If you notice something strange happening with one of your trees, call in a professional.
  2. Health Diagnosis
    Health Diagnosis
    Free with all estimates. Diagnosing the overall health of a tree is the first step to healthy tree maintenance. Wether it be a good trim that's needed or an unfortunate removal, we'll help you make an educated decision.
  3. Corrective Pruning
    Corrective Pruning
    Proper pruning of mature trees makes for a safer tree. It requires a skilled arborist climbing into the foliage to remove deadwood & diseased tissue to reduce endweight.
  4. Tree Trimming
    Tree Trimming
    Trimming your tree(s) will increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape, which will improve the tree’s health.
  5. Stump Grinding
    Stump Grinding
    Once a tree has been removed, its actual root may still be buried deep in the ground. If you do not remove it in time it may cause a array of issues.
  6. For Generations to come
    For Generations to come
    As a local company we are compelled to give back to our communities, parks and schools. We are always looking for new ways to lend our hands and expertise to help cultivate the next generation.
  7. Emergency Services
    Emergency Services
    In the event of an emergency situation Canopy Walkers' knowledgeable arborists are available to help you when you need it most. We provide 24-hour emergency services.